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NEPTUNE'S GARDEN - Mildly Exfoliating, Limited Seasonal Blend

Moisture rich oils and butters are blended together with organic carrot juice creating a bubbly, conditioning lather while celery seeds lend mild exfoliation. Cucumber extract, spinach and green tea are added for antioxidant, soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits. The pure essential oil blend creates an aromatherapy experience that is fresh, herbal and delicately sweet.

Ingredients: Organic Carrot Juice; Saponified oils: organic olive, organic extra virgin coconut, raw organic shea butter, organic Avocado and organic castor; Pure essential oils (fennel, rosemary and sweet basil); celery seed, cucumber extract, rosemary, green tea, spinach, spirulina; garnished with dried cornflower, safflower and eco-friendly gold dust.

Maximize the life of your Soap Bar: Store in a cool dry place before use. Once in use, place on or in a soap saver that promotes good drainage helping to keep soap dry in-between uses.  We have several soap saver options in our shop for your convenience. 

How to use: Wet exfoliating bar soap and work into a lather using hands or soft cloth.  While bathing or showering massage lather to body. Avoid eyes and sensitive areas. Rinse completely with clean water. Use two to three times per week as needed.

Sizes: Due to the handcrafted nature each individual bar may vary slightly. Bath size bar is cut at 5 oz. Cured net weight is at least 4.2 oz. / Dimensions 3.5"x2.5"x1" packaged in an open top box wrapped in paper.

Sample sizes vary but are at minimum .50 oz. packaged in eco-friendly clear wrap made from plants.

Handmade and packaged in La Jolla, CA. USA