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BLACKS BEACH - Artisan Natural Soap

Inspired by our beautiful Blacks Beach in La Jolla. This all natural soap is handcrafted with oils and butters nutrient dense and high in fatty acids creating a rich and creamy. lather. Activated coconut charcoal helps absorbs surface toxins leaving your skin feeling smooth and clean. The aroma is herbal and fresh with a touch of citrus. Scented with pure essential oils of tobacco leaf, bay leaf, lemon, sage and ginger. 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic extra virgin olive, organic virgin coconut, organic tallow, organic raw shea butter, organic cocoa butter and organic castor; Pure essential oils, Kaolin clay, activated coconut charcoal, indigo, spirulina and eco-friendly gold dust.

Maximize the life of your artisan soap:  Store in a cool, dry place before use. Once in use, place on or in a soap saver that promotes good drainage and helps keep your soap dry in-between uses.  We have several soap saver options in our shop for your convenience.

Size:  Due to the handcrafted nature each individual bar may vary slightly. Cut at 5oz.,Cured Net weight at least 4.5 oz.  Dimensions approx. 3.5"x 2.5"x 1" Packaged in a paper box.

Handmade and packaged in La Jolla, CA. USA