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BASIL & CILANTRO MOJITO - Seasonal Summer Blend

This Artisan Soap is made with plant-based oils and butters that will gently cleanse while maintaining your skin's natural moisture balance. Scented with pure essential oils, notes of sweet basil, cilantro and citrus will enliven your senses and uplift your spirits. Enjoy!

Ingredients:  Saponified oils of organic olive, organic extra virgin coconut, organic avocado, rice bran, organic cocoa butter; pure essential oils, spirulina, dried basil, dried cilantro and eco-friendly gold dust.

Storage: Before use, store in a cool, dry place.  Once in use, place on a soap saver that promotes good drainage. 

Maximize the life of your Artisan Soap Bar by keeping it dry in-between uses. Click here to check out our Artisan Soap Savers

Size: Due to the hand-cut and beveling each individual bar may vary slightly

Net Weight. (at least) 4.2 oz. / Dimensions (approx.) 3.5"x2.5"x1"

La Jolla Soap Company - Plant Based Artisan Soap

Our unique recipes are formulated with plant based oils and butters, mineral rich clays, herbal infusion and extracts, pure essential oils and or natural fragrance. Handcrafted in small batches made with love for you and the Earth, free from unwanted toxins.

Handmade and packaged in La Jolla, CA. USA / Woman-owned Business

How to use: Wet soap bar and work into a lather using hands or soft cloth.  While bathing or showering massage lather to body. Avoid eyes and sensitive areas. Rinse completely with clean water. Use two to three times per week as needed.